• Our High Rope safety measures has been certified by Vertic Alps Expertise from France.

  • Highly qualified and experienced instructors (certified by HMI, NIM).

  • Pre and post check of all individual activities on a daily basis.

  • Mock Drill rescue operations are carried out regularly.

  • All equipment used is of international make and standard.

  • We gauge the capability of a client in doing an activity by briefing the client in detail and providing a demo training. Only if he satisfies our instructors that he can handle the activity will he be permitted to participate.

  • Safety Lockers are provided at different locations for guests to store their valuables during activities. Locations include Reception, Operation Desk ( Paintball & High Rope separately) and ATV Station.

  • All outdoor activities require proper sports shoes to participate. In case any guest comes without the same, SAHAS will provide the shoes during the activities as safety measure.

  • Guests are not allowed to carry phones, cameras or any other handy objects during the activities.

  • Participants under the influence of alcohol, drugs and other medication that impairs judgement will not be allowed for any activity.

  • At the time of declaration, we take necessary information about their health, fitness, medical conditions, etc. Guests will then be advised accordingly.

  • All our employees are trained in the safe evacuation/ rescue in case of an emergency.

  • Every guest visiting SAHAS can view the Activities' videos at Reception, following which they have to fill out the Disclaimer form.

  • All activities have Safety Standard Videos and Dos & Don’ts displayed at the activity stations.

  • For all major activities we have a safety gear (Personal Protection Equipment), which is checked on regular basis by our Instructors.


  • 19 male and female Staff Members (including seven Certified Mountaineers certified by HMI, NIM)

  • All staff members are multi-skilled in most of the activities in SAHAS.

  • We have staff qualified in Search & Rescue (Mountaineering Course), First Aid and CPR (Wilderness First Aid Course).


What are the facilities for medical assistance at Sahas?

We have ambulances ready for service 24x7 in case of any medical emergencies. Our staff is trained for First Aid Medical Care (Wilderness First Aid & CPR) All the activity stations are having First Aid Box with all necessary medicine and kit. It is being regularly checked and maintain by our team.

What are the fire safety measures adopted at Sahas?

Sahas activities pose no fire hazard, though we have kept Fire Extinguisher at all stations/buildings and carry out regular checked on regular basis. Entire Park has been declared as a non – smoking zone (guests will be briefed about the same at the time of arrival). At ATV Station, the petrol refilling cans are being kept at safe place away from the fire hazard.

What are the cleanliness and hygiene practices observed at Sahas?

Every guest participating the High rope course activities and ATV is provided skull caps (one time use) and helmets that are regularly cleaned to ensure hygiene and long life of the helmet.

Cotton Hand glosses (High Rope & ATV) are washed regularly.

Paintball Combat Uniform & Face masks are washed on regular basis.

ATV’s & MTB’s are dusted after every ride and special schedule water servicing is being done apart regularly maintenance.

What are the measures taken for park activities maintenance?

All activities and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) undergoes pre and post-check on daily basis.

Apart from the general cleaning we have special weekly scheduled being followed to up keep the park.

On regular intervals the ATV track is being repaired and soiled wherever required. Apart from regular maintenance, the weeds and unwanted plants are being removed from the track on time- time.

Entire Inflatable Gaming Zone, Zorbing Track & ATV Track checking is being done with a Magnetic roller to remove the metallic sharp elements to avoid punctures.

Are there any criteria to be eligibile for entry?

Presently, there is no entry fee charged for individual guests, Hotel, FIT’s and Eureka day visitors are charged on activities.e

For day groups we allow the guest vehicle upto the Reception.

Individual guests, are allowed to take their vehicle up to the old VIP Lounge, from where our Sahas vehicle will pick up.


Every guest entering the park must fill out the Disclaimer Form available at the Reception. Children under the age of 16 must have their waiver forms signed by their parent or legal guardian.



  • Spacious parking area near the Reception and ATV Station.

  • Wash rooms

  • Near Ashramam

  • Cafe Zorb (Ladies and Gents Separate)

  • Behind ATV Station

  • Reception

  • For staff, we have wash rooms at Staff room near Princes Street Road.

  • Seating areas

  • Permanent, big sit-out area near gaming zone which can accommodate more than 150 pax.

  • Second permanent sit out near the Net Course, can accommodate 75 pax.

  • Third one near the Zorbing area, can accommodate 20 pax.

  • Near Bungee Ejection, can accommodate 40 pax.

  • Apart from the above, we have sitting place at ATV Station.

  • During arrival & departure, guests can sit or use wash room at Reception, which can accommodate more than 75 pax.